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Anything and Everything about Hair Botox Treatment

Hair is the crown that visibly invests the beauty of an individual. Having flawless, frizz free, manageable hair is a bliss to revamp the style you need. Hair Botox Treatment is one of the magical luxuries that make your hairy fantasy a reality of wonders. So, here we are with the blog, addressing all your concerns on stepping on to a very new hair adventure of botox, raising with awestrucking experience! 

What is Hair Botox Treatment?

Hair Botox is a cosmetic, anti-ageing hair treatment that can improve any spoiled hair strands gracefully transforming it into smooth, soft and frizz-free hair. To produce a happy hair with the botox treatment, its is essential to abide on a protein-rich formula containing a mixture of proteins, caviar oil, vitamins, natural acids, antioxidants, collagen, and healing agents which helps the hair to repair,  transform, hydrate, smoothen, straighten and rejuvenate.

Just like the treatments you care for, it’s a deep-conditioning process that treats issues like dehydration, frizziness, and split-ends with the assured result of flaunting cure for your hair concerns. It not only provides beauty to you , but also radiates your hair health as never before!

Who can take Hair Botox?

Hair botox is a healthy treatment and it can be safely taken by the individuals to raise the confidence in the hair and get the glance of vow! Though the hair botox creates no harmful conditions, the experts advise the treatment to the individuals above the age of 18, due to cosmetic conditions. Basically hair botox is taken by the pals with hair worries established from both genetic and living conditions. Think about advancing your look with botox and  go for it if you are struggling with:

  1. Damaged hair: If your hair is dry, brittle, or damaged due to chemical treatments, excessive heat styling, or environmental factors, hair botox can help repair and restore its health.
  2. Frizzy or unruly hair: Hair botox can help manage frizz, reduce flyaways, and make the hair more manageable and smooth.
  3. Dull or lacklustre hair: If your hair lacks shine and vitality, hair botox can help rejuvenate and bring back a healthy, glossy appearance.
  4. Split ends: Hair botox can temporarily seal split ends, giving the hair a healthier and more polished look.
  5. Over-processed or chemically treated hair: If your hair has been subjected to multiple chemical treatments such as colouring, bleaching, or perming, hair botox can provide much-needed nourishment and repair.
How is the Hair Botox Treatment Done?

Botox treatment veils the hair with the proteins and active ingredients like Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Argan oil, Coconut oil, Collagen Complex, Glyoxylic acid, and Amino acids.Hair Botox treatment does not involve the injection of the Botulinum toxin into the hair. Instead, a protein-rich conditioning agent is applied to the hair.

The treatment starts with hair wash with a clarifying shampoo and opening the hair cuticles to deep conditioning your tresses. The expert stylist handles the treatment very well by applying the botox cream from tip to end of your hair strands with a feel-good massage. The hair is then left for about 30 minutes to 90 minutes to penetrate the blooming effect of botox. Then your hair is blow dried and straightened to enhance your locks. A smooth, straight and frizz-free hair is thus evolved as a result and you can enjoy the fruit of the treatment at once. 

Benefits of Hair Botox Treatment

Hair botox brings many unconditional benefits to hair. Here are some of the takes:

  1.  Frizz-free and manageable hair.
  2. Smooth, soft and shiny hair.
  3. Healthy scalp and protection against scalp diseases.
  4. Split-end free glossy hair.
  5. Makes hair look thick and fuller.
  6. Lively and happy hair.
Do Hair Botox have any side effects?

As per the experts, Hair botox produces no side effects, on the other hand it provides relaxation to the hair making it more smooth and healthy. Botox is formaldehyde and parabens free. However, professionals do not suggest Botox treatment to be done more than three times a year. This would result in breakage, dullness and hair-loss. 

You must also take a patch test to avoid allergic situations before applying the botox cream to the hair. Every product might not be your cup of tea and it is very crucial to have a quality check of the products and salon you are heading to.

Precautions to be taken after the Hair Botox Treatment

The hair botox effect lasts depending on the person. As a standard calculation,  it lasts between 2 to 4 months. The treatment can be redone later. You can extend the lasting power if you have the right precautions and here are a few tips to maintain your hair beautifully:

  1. Hair wash just after your treatment can dull the freshness of the treatment and get rid of the proteins from the strands. Hair must be washed only after 72 hours. Minimum number of hair wash maintains the perfect texture and provides a long-lasting effect.
  2. Never style your hair after the treatment and hair must be left free. Even Clips, buns or bands must not be used during this period.
  3. Only use Sulphate-free and Sodium Chloride-free shampoos to wash your hair.
  4. Remember to get pH-balanced shampoo which helps your hair cuticles closed.
  5. Use conditioners with hydrolyzed proteins, plant extracts, and natural seed oils. Pick the brand of the shampoo and conditioner according to your hairstylist. 
  6. Avoid the hair exposure to Saltwater and chlorine water that results in the damage to your Botox hair.
  7. Frequently apply a deep hydration mask to rehydrate and moisturise your hair.

Botox Hair treatment provides health and nourishes the hair with the protein rich formula. It beautifies your hair with the smooth and shining texture and sets it free from all the damages. The treatment not only rejuvenates your hair but also caresses your hair with the deep conditioning and helps to overpower your hairy style with elegance!

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