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Nipun Conso

Nipun Conso


Nipun Conso, a maestro that curates Liv Art by living its name to the fullest. Nipun envisions the art of hair and skin care by living it in its most accurate form. The adamant nature of Nipun in giving the customers the experience of their life in his studio comes from the knowledge he gained over the past decade. He started his career in this industry by working for Matrix professional as a technical advisor in the year 2003. Since then, Nipun has worked with the most prominent names in the salon industry like L’oreal, Naturals Salons, Wella, and Hindustan lever. During his work period with these industry giants, he filled in the shoes of a variety of roles such as Trainer, Educational program developer, and Salon Director.

The journey of world-class experiences of the founder doesn’t stop here, he has worked along with portfolio artists that have shown sterling exhibitions in the industry such as Mark creed UK, Guy Kremer UK, Alison daze SAKS where he was able to grab experiences that were the epitome of top-notch makeover processes.

In the journey of sharing this knowledge with our society, Nipun set up Liv art academy for hair and makeup where he was able to train his attendees in the skills that would make them a world-class hair and makeup artist. Away from training, he focuses on his new venture LivArt Hair and Makeup Studio on giving the customers their global makeover experience from the comfort of their city. Nipun strongly believes the phrase “Knowledge is the key ingredient of flourishment in any industry” hence, his commitment to skin and hair care is pillared with great knowledge, experience, and exposure gained during his early days. For Nipun, this is far more than a profession, it is a journey for making a change in the industry regionally by sharing his knowledge, practicing his experience, creating an overall impact in his client’s personalities, and above all, LIV’ing the ART.


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