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Stephy Sebastian Livart Founder


Stephy serves as the woman pillar of LivArt hair and makeup studio, who portrays the characteristics of a true stylist curated within herself from passion and love for the artistry. As a former nurse, Stephy has served in extreme conditions that have made her an inspiration to many people. She successfully followed the path of Hair and Makeup Artistry and completed her education from the industry’s finest sources. The drastic shift in her industry of work from a nurse to a hair and makeup artist/stylist was due to her commitment towards pursuing the profession she would love to do for the rest of her lifetime.

Stephy is a true example of a “Go Getter” persona, her vibrant personality and willingness to learn more and more about the industry to perfect the craft is truly commendable. In 2021, she started LivArt Academy where they successfully trained numerous artists. For all the students, Stephy was a true light of inspiration and encouragement. While training their students at the academy, she constantly remembered her mother who taught her to always give back to the younger generation as they are the future of our society.

Being a fashion and beauty enthusiast herself, Stephy is a perfect catalyst that combines skill, service quality, and customer satisfaction. At LivArt, she commits to provide state-of-the-art services which can enlighten a person’s inner confidence in terms of their beauty and body language.

In other words, Stephy is a character who gets things done, fulfills her dreams and LIV es the ART.

Stephy has been an inspiration to many, not just because of her success, but also because of her humanity, which reflects in her generosity toward the less fortunate. Her love for the art is contagious and inspiring to all. She consistently strives to learn more and inspire others with her passion. 


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